About Us

In fall of 2012, I attended a Startup Weekend event in League City, TX. I had this idea for a bearded tv host that profiles incredible beardsmen around the world. We would explore new cities and cultures, and tell incredible stories. I pitched the idea and got a lot of positive feedback, but not enough to be able to compete. Instead, my fate changed, and I joined a team that was led by Leticia Gibbs. That team contained a group of talented individuals – including Jeremy Gibbs.

It was this Startup Weekend project that united us and we found out that the three of us work very well together. In fact, the team was so effective that we ended developing the best app for the competition. Lindsey, Jeremy, and I continued to stay in touch and vowed to start a business together.

The Groovy Groomers’s community was moving along as normal, when I was contacted by a New York Times reporter. The reporter was doing a story on beard care products and wanted my expertise. She was also impressed with the small community that was starting to grow. The conversation with her was the catalyst that officially brought the team together to launch the The Groovy Groomers store.


The Groovy Groomers was featured in a New York Times article and used that story as a catalyst to launch the store.


Our newly found team bootstrapped the business and started with only $30 and a commitment from a vendor. We hustled and pieced together a store which launched the day before the article posted.

From that day, the business has grown consistently month over month. We’ve done it by connecting with our customers and by providing great products and service. We do things the old fashioned way – we buy our inventory, respond to our customers, and sell only products we personally believe in.

Leticia Gibbs handles the product procurement and wholesale management; Jeremy Gibbs takes care of operations and strategy; and I’m the spokesman and marketing guy. Together we form a united and productive team, always on the same page regarding the vision, culture, and outlook of the business.


We were tired of beards being left to kitschy, cheap products. We felt these items are the reason many people think that beards are a fad. The Groovy Groomers wants to bring high quality products for beardsmen. Our grooming products use natural products and we want our customers to have a positive experience with their beards – crappy products don’t help in that regard.

In addition to providing great products and service, we want to change the way society looks at beardsmen. There are still organizations who require men to shave, and there is negative terminology used towards beardsmen that still lingers in our culture. For instance, the term “clean-shaven” should be “completely-shaven” or “beardless.”

These changes take time, but progress is being made. Recently Disney eased their policy on beards and other companies are joining suit. We can’t do this alone, and we need you to help us change society. Connect with us by joining the mailing list below, and most importantly – beard on!


VISION STATEMENT: To change the way society views beardsmen.

MISSION STATEMENT: To foster confidence through grooming.