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Vanilla Lime Bogo Beard Oil Buy 1 Get 1 Free

This one is definitely for the smooth talkers and ladies man. Bathe your macho-mane with this vain Vanilla-Lime indulgence, it’s aroma is as good as visually appealing. Vanilla gives one a subtle sweetness to this invigorating fragrance, a natural aphoristic that provides lower stress plateau’s. A whisper of lime creates the signature tongue-in-cheek a squeeze for this opulent smell. Keeping your cool while maintaining prowess. BOGO Beard Care offers a unique mix of exquisite essential oils. We also infuse only the best scents to bring romanticized character to the bearded-man. This organic formula subtly nourishes facial and beard areas.

Note: When you quantify your purchase remember buying 1 you will receive 2!

Aroma Strength:Medium

Perks Elasticity

Category: Custom Beard Oils
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